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Real estate developer (with case study at June 2018)

The business model for a real estate developer is that of building and selling of properties. Hence, the key performance metrics of a developer is the ability to procure all raw materials (land, construction cost etc.) and sell to the end consumer at a reasonable margin (or otherwise known as the developer margin).Developer has to

Real estate 101

Business model The main variations in the business model of a real estate company is typically that of: Acquiring to sell (i.e. developer): A typical example would be property developers bidding for land and selling a finished product (e.g.: residential units) to end consumer. Acquiring to rent (i.e. landlord): In the context of Singapore, property

The Four Elements of Real Estate Investing

I picked up a classic book on real estate library over the past week and would like to share the four critical elements on real estate investing. Although this book focus on real estate investing, I personally find that this can be a good guide even for REIT investors who would better understand the business

Real Estate Developer

Real estate development business is a popular business venture for a number of companies, from the traditional developers: Far East, UOL, Capitaland and Fraser Centrepoint to the “converts” which are usually from companies that operate in related businesses such as construction: Chip Eng Seng and Low Keng Huat. It is also not hard to find